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Re: AHV refund calculation when leaving Switzerland

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Hey I'm considering leaving Switzerland for UK and trying to estimate how much of pillar 1 (AHV) contributions I can potentially cash out upon emigration. I have a third world passport so should be allowed to cash out my pillar 1.

From what I've been able to gather online, AHV refund would be minimum of:
  • pension part of AHV payments: roughly 82% of them (=4.35% of 5.275% as of 2020), times 2 to account for employer-side contributions.
  • "Barwert" (net present value) of my future pension cashflows.
I've had a well paying job and plowed a good fortune into AHV contributions over the years, so I suspect Barwert calculation will be the main limiting factor for me:
  • Assuming I'm 35yo male, no kids, no wife, with 10 years of AHV contributions.
  • Normally I'd be entitled to 28440/40*10 = 7110 Fr/year pension at 65 with my 10 years of contributions
  • To calculate its Barwert, I take a factor B1(x) from fancy tables over here (Barwert einer lebenslangen Rente für Männer / Sofort beginnende), and discount it further by 1.5% for 30 years that I have till pension age.
  • This gives me Barwert: 28440/40*10 * 35.289 / 1.015^(65-35) = 160519 Fr
Does this make sense and is in the right ballpark? Anyone here have experience with AHV refunds and can share how they calculated Barwert for you?

Also, what kind of tax would I have to pay on AHV refund? Would UK try to tax me as well?
I am actually contemplating of moving to Australia after living in Switzerland for around 3 years. I also have a passport with no mutual pension arrangement with swiss govt entiteling me to a refund.

What I found useful is the link below

I sent them the request for the calculation. The reply somewhat disappointment me . Bottom-line, it was almost the amount that I personally contributed, which was lower than I expected, taking into consideration the employer contribution.

Hope it helps. Cheers
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