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Re: visiting a Swiss Alpine Club mountain hut (SAC Hutte)

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That's why we love mountaineering
Depending on quest, sometimes it's nice to pack lightweight tent, sleeping bag etc. and just sleep wherever you like. But for this kind of mountaineering, as light as possible is priority, so SAC huts.
Those who never climbed tough mountain and came back safely cannot appreciate the feeling one has going there, being there, exhausted and extremely happy and free at the same time.
When there is some accident, many just say "stupid guys, they should've stayed home" without knowing that those persons knew risks, and they ventured out for adventure anyway. Not because they are suicidal and don't value their life altogether, in contrary. They believe it should be lived to the fullest and this is one of few ways how to achieve that.
After venturing in realms of similar activities, answers to question "what have you done this weekend?" from many people doesn't match the level of intensity by far one can have there.
I started more mountaineering after moving here 2 years ago from super-flat Czech republic, and 5 years there seem like few months here when compared. And these 2 years here altogether feel like another life added on top of my regular one
I love this answer. I agree wholeheartedly.
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