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Re: Does anyone know when air travel with start again

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Not terribly relevant as that is another country. 15k daily arrivals is a small fraction of the normal. These passengers are either British, who cannot be denied entry for any reason or special categories like diplomats, pilots, loadmasters and other crew.

The health system is desperately short of testing kits. Are you suggesting that 15 thousand, a day, be diverted from hospitals and clinics for the testing of people unlikely to have the virus. Not only the kits but the technicians to do the testing?

And good luck sending in the cops to test ambassadors and senior officials. That just isnít going to happen.

The same applies here in Switzerland a bad use of a limited resource.

I am not suggesting anything but merely stating facts. OP was talking about flights and, judging from his other threads, he may want to go for a visit to UK and back. Where it is extremely relevant to us here in Switzerland is if UK citizens return to UK and then fly back to Switzerland because they have residence permits etc. This risks everyone here. 15K people arriving to UK per day and not even being asked to quarantine is a large number when talking about infecting others