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Re: Maintenance responsibilities

Yes, a good idea to communicate with landlord/regie if and when things arise, and tell them it is becoming a problem and seeking advice- rather than letting things get out of hand until it is a big issue.
This is a problem I have.. We're less than a year in. Previous people were here 10 years and by all accounts they had a good relationship with the owner.. However the owner died recently and the place is kept in his family..

Now when I contact the regie it's like pulling teeth to get anything fixed.. Stuff that's damaging the house even, not stuff for my luxury. I have no contact with who-ever the owner is..

How does that aspect work actually .. I doubt very much that half things I report don't even reach the owner.. Could I or should I try to contact them direct??

In my previous place the owner lived next door and he took care of anything himself while we had a beer. He hated the (same) regie.
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