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Re: Make yourself heard in hospitals if you wait for too long

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As many of you, I already had the experience of waiting for a very long time at the urgency of a hospital to be seen by a doctor.
For example, my wife that was 8 months pregnant had a dizziness episode that we did not know what it was, and she waited on a hospital bench during 4 hours to be seen by a doctor. At one point, we left and went home because she was getting worse sitting down due to her condition.

Now a friend of mine that started to work as a doctor here in Switzerland and explained to me the reality at the hospitals.

Basically in a time frame of 3 hours he can take care of 20 patients while he has colleagues that take care of 1 single patient during the same time, which is not normal for an urgency service. He already tried to expose this reality of lack of performance from his work colleagues but he was threatened by his hospital managers to stop doing these kind of denunciations.

There are some cases of children with broken bones that have to wait for hours as well to be seen by someone and nobody cares. The patients dont complain and even if you complain it will be worse.

There is a clear lack of performance within hospitals here in Switzerland. There is no regulation, no control or performance evaluations.

I really dont agree clapping every day, cheering the medical staff here in Switzerland during the Coronavirus crisis. I would cheer Italian doctors in Italy, Spanish doctors in Spain and people that work in Coop, Migros etc that are really risking their lives everyday to serve us.

Doctors here in Switzerland are not taking any risks and dont deserve this praise.
OP, sorry you had this experience. I am guessing everyone can run out of luck sometimes when things are more crowded than usual.

I wouldn't let this experience ruin my trust in the medical staff, here or elsewhere. Take care.
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