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Re: Make yourself heard in hospitals if you wait for too long

OP I'm sorry you had such a terrible experience, but I'm also confused. Your thread title makes perfect sense - if you feel you're waiting too long and the patient's condition is worsening, speak up.

Yet you said you simply left. Why didn't you speak up? Emergency rooms deal with a lot of patients, many of whom you don't see because they're back in different rooms or already in an operating room. The staff aren't necessarily being lazy. They treat people first in order of severity, and once that's under control they treat the less severe roughly in order they arrived. Scans, blood work, and other tests take time to get results back, so sometimes a bed is occupied for a very long time by someone who might not be as severe as you.

If you did speak up, did you use the same attitude you have here? I know you were under stress but being a jerk will not get you far. Not in the emergency department and not in life.

Finally a word for those who haven't ever needed emergency care - plan ahead, please, even if it's while you're in the car on the way there. Be ready to state as best you can what is wrong so that the triage nurse can better determine how urgent your case is. Be ready to state things like medical history and any medications currently being taken, including any supplements. Be prepared to wait. If you're THAT poorly you feel it's life-threatening, don't drive yourself just call the ambulance.

An example with OP could have been "I'm 8 months pregnant and my blood pressure feels very high and I'm dizzy." Then when feeling worse and not yet seen: "I'm so sorry to bother you but I actually feel worse sitting than standing and I think something is very wrong with the baby. Can you please at least check my blood pressure?"
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