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Re: Should I buy a home or invest? I just reached 200k in savings and they are sittin

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Does this rule of thumb apply for countries where a bank credit for a property is completely paid out within 25-30 years? Or also for Switzerland?
Because if you count 2000 CHF x 200 = 400,000 CHF it is hard to think that the same property that you rent for 2000/mo can be purchased for 400k CHF.
Or the other way round.
It's sort of worldwide.

But it all depends what your idea is, if your main gamble is on real estate prices going up it does not matter so much and the rent is just an extra. But if you want some sort of return to have an extra buck a.s.a.p. it is simply not worth it to buy a house of 800K to rent it out for 2K, if the price of the house stays the same it be years before the first Franc profit has been made. Imagine 40K additional costs on buying and than steady costs of taxes, insurances, maintenance, interest payments.
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