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Re: lohnpfändung - minimum amount, family abroad

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It is not that I like or dislike what I hear. They are stating facts and I am fine with that, but sometimes it feels a little bit patronizing to hear: "You should pay your debts" or "This is not how things work here, you need to bring the documents"
I don't think I've been patronising. I hope not, and I'm sorry if my posts have come across like that, to you.

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So far the process I have met in betriebungsamt didn't seem very "calculated"
Before the January I presented the documents, they were briefly looked on and I received calculation.
I can very well believe that that is how it seemed, to you. In fact, however, the officer would have picked out only a subset of your documents, namely those easily identifiable as ticking their boxes, and will have scrutinised only those. The rest, yes, would have been looked at only very briefly.

The success of any appeal lies in proving that any facts/expenses you present are relevant, and may perhaps not have been put into the initial calculation. That's why I keep suggesting that, now that you have the tools available, you actually compare that Excel with your method, so see if it is the same. I wonder what the result would be.

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I assure you, things work the same at my home country
From what you write here, I think that you have made assumptions that things here work the same as in your home country, and have further assumed what the information from the office did or did not mean, and this, as you now know, was to your own detriment.

If I were in your postion, I would be working on trying to find aspects to the rules about which expenses are acknowledged, and would be trying to demonstrate how each expense I'm claiming does, indeed,(even if it didn't seem that way during the first assessment) qualify as one of the points which should be taken into account for a re-assessment.

While you may well have the information together, it still seems to me that you have not understood the Swiss system. The point is not merely that you will have to document everything. That's only a part of it. The other part is presenting the documentation pre-sorted, structured according to the particular way things are done here, and to prove that expenses x, y and z also (according to the rules) ought also to be regarded, and with that present a line of argument in your appeal, that is plausible, according to the Swiss way of doing things. I wonder whether you did it that way.