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Re: lohnpfändung - minimum amount, family abroad

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Sell it and come back where, when my family returns form Italy?
I already used up available family resources.
That is exactly what I am doing, trying to get over it as quickly as possible. I made steps to increase my salary significantly to cover additional expense and still bring more to the betraibung, and they dont care.
In addition it seems you miss something: If I earn extra on a side job I still have to bring it to the betreibung, since the collect all income so it changes nothing unless I try to hide it, which is illegal.
Sell the house (in Poland?) and later buy another or rent? Better than this situation surely? Alternatively could you get a bigger mortgage? If you have assets it seems mad to have gotten into this situation.

Getting a second job would make a massive difference, it changes the repayment term. If you get this over with in 18 months instead of 24, that's quite something.

You seem to think in a month by month way. You can't or you'll be in this situation forever. Problems like this are best tackled head on by long term thinking. For me that'd involve living off pasta and bread and taking two jobs.