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Re: child custody

Based on bitter experience, i canít stress the importance of finding a solution with the mother of your children, if that is in any way possible. I read that she has already agreed something with you and thatís already a positive for you. Unless it is simply so unreasonable that you cannot do it (as opposed to do not want to do it).

If you end up going to the family court there is no doubt, as the father you will end up getting screwed over. Their decisions can have no basis on any logic whatsoever. They do not consider anything that has gone before, they just make a ruling and if you are on the wrong side of it tough, itís the law. Do it or risk to ultimately go to prison. Doesnít matter how right you believe you are, they are not interested, a law unto themselves. Their focus is solely on what they believe is in the best interests of the child whether you can live it, pay for it or not. And if you het a judgement against you then be prepared to have your future options reduced by 99% and to wonder what the hell hit you and how on earth they made the decision that they did. And if thatís not painful enough, put 20- 30k CHF aside as a financial provision to pay for this part of it. BTDT.

You have a wonderful opportunity, take it. You can always discuss it with the mother again if indeed she does return to Germany. At least you have your foot in the door so to speak. You really donít want to play high stakes poker with the family court.

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