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Re: Real estate agent rant

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For the last 3 months or so Ive been looking into buying a house. I keep being surprised by the pictures that real estate agents publish... don't these people have decent camera's ? Or are all clocks here in CH really quite oval and does everyone have a 21 by 9 cinema wide TV ? And the way thr houses are shown from exactly such and such an angle to make it look like it is practically free standing in a field of flowers. Do they really think we won't google map the environment ? Like we wouldn't notice the honking great big church bell tower 20 meters from the bedroom window.

Its a miracle houses get sold at all, with the documentation pictures in mind prospective buyers are going to be so disappointed with the real thing.

And for this the real estate agents charge what, 3% or so ? For putting a few pictures in a pdf and posting it on homegate ? I'm still waiting for the first agent answering my question about room height (being 192cm tall 210cm room height is not enough), is that really too much trouble for a 20k commision ?

Also, once you decide not to look at anything within 500m of a church tower the amount of available houses goes way down... never realised there were that many churches here...
I saw an advert for a house which was open for over a year. I saw the photos and though the location seemed great, I didn't arrange a viewing as the photos were really bad: several photos of the garden (which showed it in a so-so state) and the two interior photos really put me off. One showed a riegelhaus style wall - very dark. I assumed the house was one of the old kind built in the 1700s with low ceilings and small windows. The second photo was of the old fireplace which was decorated as if from the 70s and again very dark.

I did walk past the street a few times and was always intrigued as the exterior was concrete and not at all like the photos would imply. After about a year, the price was reduced by 200k and so I thought I would take a look. I ended up buying it as it was nothing like the photos implied and was a great property. I guess I was lucky it was so badly marketed.

I keep an old brochure from another property because it was so bad: the main photo was the front of the property... obscured by about 50 110L black bin bags piled up against the entire front of the property. I think that the rubbish was from all the stuff that was cleared out, but they obviously didn't bother to photo the outside before that process or wait until the bags were collected.
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