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Re: Smokers on railway stations

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Just ask them to do it somewhere else. And say thank you.

I have allergic reactions to cigarette smoke (or to one of the 7000 thousand chemicals in tobacco smoke) and when I politely mentioned my allergy to a woman who lit a cigarette while we were waiting for an elevator (from an underpass to an overpass for access to a bus stop) she said, "well then why don't you wear a sign around your neck stating that." I then asked "would you mind not getting onto the elevator with that" and she blew her cigarette smoke in my face and went onto the elevator with her lit cigarette. needless to say, I decided to take the stairs after that. Obviously this is not representative of all those who smoke, and it is likely that I only confront those who smoke in an extremely rude manner. As another example, I've had SBB employees flip me the bird when I mention they are smoking in their own non-smoking area of the banhof while also standing right next to an automatic sliding door. Anyway, point is that confronting rude people about their rude behavior will rarely go your way... because they are rude... this goes for anyone, not just rude smokers. it is unfortunate that their behavior harms others directly and immediately, but the best way to see change is to be proactive politically, push for rules you want, and push for enforcement of those rules.
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