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Re: Triathlon Training Uzwil

You don‘t mention swimming, which is the most technical part of the discipline. It‘s easy enough to follow an online training plan for cycling and running and to a large extent you aren‘t going to get the technique wrong and you will improve.

Swimming on the other hand needs to be efficient to save energy for the rest of the race and it is very easy to swim inefficiently. If you‘ve learnt to swim crawl properly as a child, you‘ll have no issues, but if like me you didn‘t really, then it‘s important to find someone who can teach you how to swim as an adult (who doesn‘t have the shoulder flexibility to swim as children are taught - and most instructors use the same manual for children and adults alike) and to swim like a triathlete (no to minimal use of legs and a straighter arm action for open water). Unfortunately for me, that meant finding a coach who taught me to swim properly in Spain, but it‘s actually doable in a week and then you can go practice on your own.

If you speak German, I can guarantee that you will have a local triathlon club that you can join. If not, in Zurich the Trigether club are very English friendly, but I realise might be a bit far for you. In more normal times they have weekly swim, bike and run sessions and organise training camps. They also host a rookie training programme which is geared up to either doing the Uster sprint or Olympic distance (formerly Zurich until it moved) or the Rapperswil half Ironman. I did the sprint one with them in 2017 and have been a member since. Unfortunately, I don‘t think that this will be an option for you this year.

As I said, you can also get free training plans online or alternatively, I have a coach (from the swim camp) who provides me with a customised annual/monthly/weekly training plan, but that obviously comes at a cost.

You don‘t say what distance you want to race in. 20km bike suggests a sprint and 10km run suggests Olympic. For both those distances it sounds like your run is quite a bit stronger than your bike, where cycling at 20km an hour would put you at the back of the pack, so sounds like you would need to concentrate there.

For training volume, I‘ve found that to make real gains a minimum of three sessions in a discipline is needed per week and preferably four. Two will show some gains and one will likely have you standing still.

If you have any questions, I‘m happy to answer. I went from doing nothing, to doing a sprints in 2017, Olympic and sprints in 2018 and Half Ironman last year and deferred entries for HI this year.
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