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Re: Smokers on railway stations

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Blew smoke in your face, dismissed you and took the elevator. It sounds like she had the last laugh.

This is precisely my point. I did exactly what Bowlie suggested, "Just ask them to do it somewhere else. And say thank you," and she blew smoke in my face and then entered an enclosed public space with a lit cigarette (two other people were in the elevator with her and they both groaned and looked at her with disgust as she walked on with her lit cigarette. Clearly this woman is just a very rude person and asking rude people not to be rude rarely works. The same goes for asking drunk men and women not to urinate in the middle of my apartment building's walkway or right next to our front door on their way home from the bar down the street. "would you mind not peeing here" gets the response of "f*** off" instead of an apology and they still pull out their pecker or pull down their pants and piss. these are just rude people, generally, and everyone in my building has to smell their piss for the next day or two or until it rains. There is a parking lot right next door, closer to the bar than our apartment building, which would make a fine spot to piss in if they really couldn't hold it in.. but they choose our building. There are two small businesses (hairdressers) inside our building and their clients also have to smell this.
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