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Re: IT contracting - Banking vs Pharma vs Telecom

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You're mistaken here. For generic developer roles they actually don't give a single f/ck about your degree and school anymore. What really counts is if you can crack leetcode-style interview questions on whiteboard under pressure in 40 minutes.

For more specialized roles like AI/ML they do still care. Apple, Facebook and Microsoft in Zurich actually have rather small engineering offices seeking exactly this type of talent for AR/VR and self driving. But not Google, they are too big and hire everyone and their uncle, as long as you have a pulse and can crack the coding interview questions. (Or should I say, "were hiring", covid screwed up advertisement companies big time)
Yeah cracking leetcode-style questions is the key there, which is one of the reasons i gave up on them, it seems so pointless. Never understood why they hire like this. Maybe it's easy automate and generate constant data on, would like to know how their HR is designed. Regarding the AR/VR/AI/ML i assume they a looking for the ETH guys that are deep into very niche topic. To me a bit risky to put all you market value into one niche skill. But of course it make you rare with a big upside when you are also needed by the bigtech.
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