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Re: Covid-19 Source

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Watched a BBC video about the origins of hand washing. In it they told a horror story of a child birth deaths in Austria i think it was being reduced from 18% to 1% cause consultants started to wash their hands. Apparently they had been rushing between autopsies of dead patients to live ones giving birth without washing their hands... obviously this was I think more than a century ago.

I didn't think of it at the time, but there is a link with covid-19 live animal markets and this story. Imagine in Wuhan in a market you can buy live fish or indeed dead ones and even fruit and vegetables.

Do you see connection, obviously the people behind the market stalls don't wash their hands between fishing out a fish for you and picking up a slab of meat and then a few apples & some carrots maybe. This is why these sort of markets should have been banned 20 years ago when SARS came out of them.
got nothing to do with wuhan. its a global problem
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