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Refund witholding tax on interest for the foreigner and poor

Hi everyone,

This has been asked before on this forum a couple of times but the posts are either too old and links are broken or the scenarios are not exactly the same.

I'm on a B permit with a salary under 120k/year (hence "foreigner and poor"), taxed at source, and I was wondering what's the simplest way to claim a refund on the witholding tax applied authomatically on certain additional incomes such as interest, dividents, etc. In fact, let me restrict the question to the interest from a bank's savings account, since from my browsing the divident situation gets more complicated.

I am aware of the form called "Antrag auf Neuveranlagung der Quellensteuer" in ZH (which can be filled online at (I also know that things will change starting next year.) However, in all the previous posts that I've seen, people seem to use this form to claim additional tax-deductible expenses. My German is also quite limited and I couldn't understand it very well. But I don't see how to use it to declare new income *and* point out that it has been already over-taxed. I see no field in that form for witholding taxes.

Could somebody help me understand how this works? Am I supposed to just declare the additional income and assume that the authorities "just know" what is the amount of witholding tax that has already been applied? I'm having problems comprehending this, because then I do not see what's the point of filling the form at all. Just so they make you declare all your income? Something like... "we know some things about you, now you tell us what you earn and then we'll see if they match"? That might make sense..

Also, what do I do if a part of the interest paid was not subject to witholding tax (less than CHF 200.-) but another one was. Do I just add the gross amounts and put them under "9.4 Vermögenserträge"? Or what's the right field? (Sorry, I know this is quite specific but it's not obvious to me.)

Alternatively, maybe it is the case that this form should not be used for this and a full tax return must instead be used? In which case... I assume I would first have to go to the tax office to *request* it, as I don't have a "Zugangscode".

Thank you!