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Ants 2020

(Cut to the chase...)

Result - Strongly recommend Oecoplan Biocontrol Ameisenkoeder - CHF 9.95 for 2 from Coop Bau+Hobby.

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Back story/waffle so ignore at will...
Tuesday evening, I noticed some unwelcome ant visitors on our living room floor. I immediately hoovered them up, steam cleaned all the floor and bleached the coffee table and clould see that the ants were coming in from under the skirting board by the window. Checked EF and found this thread from 2017 so followed some of the advice with what I had to hand.

I forced cinnamon powder into the crack between the wooden floor and skirting board with the edge of a tea spoon which did work because they wouldn't go past it, but meant they just came out an inch further along the wall. Then I soaked a cotton cloth in lemon juice and laid it along the skirting board. Again, they wouldn't go near it but just went around it. In the past, I've always used mint as a barrier method and always had a couple of pots of mint either side of the back door of the house in the UK.

Found this interesting report that found ants come into a house when a period of drought is followed by heavy rain, which is what we've recently had.

The important stuff...

Finally, found this excellent test on SRF's website of ant repellent products commonly available in Switzerland, which is in German, but you can translate it in your browser. There's a pdf table of the results linked on the page with Neudorff and Coop Oecoplan scoring top marks in the test.

Strikes me that the top two products are a brand and a home brand, which usually means that the brand actually make the home brand for that retailer. Went to my local Bau+Hobby yesterday to buy the Oecoplan ones and had to wait about 10 mins to get into the aisle where the ant repellent was because it was in such high demand. Phew! It wasn't just us then!

OH put 2 repellents out at 8pm. I spent the evening regularly checking them like a complete saddo, and I swear, the little buggers were queuing up to clamber into them. According to the SRF test, these are supposed to work within 7 days, but as of 8am this morning, it's looking all clear. Might change as the day goes on, but I'm stunned / thrilled / elated with how fast the Oecoplan stuff has worked so far. Hope this helps someone else who has the same problem.
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