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Re: Renting nightmare

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I moved in with someone, it did not work out, they asked me to move out and they would cover my cost of the rent. (I have it in messages but not in writing)

I moved out and I thought that was that ...

The other person then moved out two weeks later (like what an earth but anyway) and now has given notice to leave the country to the Regie

The agent who was really good, told me the other person is still liable for 50% of the rent, even if they leave the country.

As the other place is quite expensive no replacement tenants found so far so

We both wrote and gave notice ...

Possible option+

Find a replacement tenant for where I moved to, it is a great place!

Move back & pay my half and wait until we found replacement tenants?

At worst case scenario, could you sublet at a lower price and cover the difference.
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