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Looking for dog harness with front and back leash connectors

We use what is called a "no pull harness" for our 18 month GSD which is one that has a lead connector at both the front and on the back. While his manners are much, much better as he is getting older, he can still sometimes pull especially when excited and the no pull harness makes a huge difference. (As he pulls definitely no collar)

I currently use the 4More one from Fresnapf and it is an extremely good harness and ticks all the boxes. Well made, very adjustable, comes in XL and suitable for dog with long back. It also the Y shape with no horizontal strap to impede free motion of the shoulders (extremely important)

Following Sarah Fisher's methods, she strongly recommends having several different brands/styles of harness as using the same piece of equipment all the time can result in imbalance and result in pressure somewhere on the dog's body. Rather like always wearing one particular pair of high heel shoes (women only but otherwise not judging!)

I have tried Fresnapf, Meiko and Qualipet and nothing. Sarah does have her own brand but UK manufacture is closed. Does anyone have any suggestions please
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