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Re: Looking for dog harness with front and back leash connectors

I highly highly recommend the Swiss brand Grossenbacher. Our trainer does custom fittings—a fully tricked out custom harness cost me 80 CHF—front clip, two attachment points on the back, a handle, and even a clip on the belly for dragging a long line or for scent work. I'm very happy. You can get them at Meiko and Qualipet but they're nearly the same price custom, so I'd recommend asking them or asking Grossenbacher directly about someone in your area who does custom fittings and sends in the orders. Poke around on their website and you'll also find that they have a specific harness meant for almost exclusively front attach use, called the Guide or the Leader I think.

Ruffwear is also an excellent brand but for our Appenzeller it just didn't fit right. I also found the material to be quite heavy—a big advantage of Grossenbacher is the light but extremely resistant material and the free repairs for the lifetime of the product—even if a puppy gets ahold of a harness and chews it up.

Edit: I must add, I did try the front attach on both the Ruffwear Front Range (which really didn't fit so didn't last long for our dog) and the "regular" Grossenbacher harness that we have and while it does work I definitely wouldn't use it as the only attachment point as it pulls the harness quite a lot to the side (on both brands). So, it's not a straight substitute for the Grossenbacher Lead/Guide or for any kind of Halti type front clip only harness. So you definitely want a two leash system in my opinion on Ruffwear Front Range or on the regular Grossenbacher models.

The owners of one of my dog's sisters use the Grossenbacher front attach harness that's similar to a Halti type no pull harness and they are very satisfied with it. There's another brand, a French brand, that does a similar thing but I can't for the life of me remember the name. I've always preferred not using the kind of harness with the bar across the shoulder as that's a good way to end up with shoulder problems, but some breeds/individuals seem to use them just fine.

Personally, I am extremely happy with the custom Grossenbacher. I can't emphasise that enough. It fits her perfectly, so I know it's not going to cause issues. They developed these harnesses with advice from vets, canine chiropractors and horse saddle fitters (if you've been around horses you know how susceptible they can be to lameness issues from poorly fitted equipment). Our canine chiropractor checked it out and was very satisfied with the fit.

Edit again: just saw you don't want the bar over the shoulder. Excellent. In that case ignore what I said about the Grossenbacher Lead/Guide harness I'd still recommend looking into a custom regular Grossenbacher as the price difference won't be much with the Ruffwear and you'll get a true custom fit, but that being said, Ruffwear is truly an excellent brand and my granted limited experience using a double leash system on both brands tends to suggest that Ruffwear stays in place slightly better, if only because of the heavier material. Try them both on if you can—Meiko carries both and should be able to help you.
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