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Re: Looking for dog harness with front and back leash connectors

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I'm a big Ruffwear fan; the Muttley Crew wear several of their harnesses.

The Front Range has two leash clips. This is our 'every day' harness.

I see they have a new harness, the Flagline, that has three clip options:

I like that this has a handle, and your post just inspired me to order one for Her Wobbliness.

My oldies and wobblies have all worn the Webmaster when they needed a bit of help, this another handled harness. I can't stress enough how helpful it is to have that handle, especially with my bigger dogs. The Webmaster does not have multiple leash points, however. My Webmasters are all well over 10 years old, and still in great condition. The Frontlines are holding up equally well.

(I do not use two leash points, so I can't comment on that aspect.)

The customer service folks at Ruffwear are very helpful; if you have any sizing concerns contact them for advice.

Ruffwear will ship to Switzerland, but you can also find the harnesses on Amazon (DE).(One third party seller has the Flagline.) Here in Switzerland Meiko is a distributor, but they carry limited range. They have the Frontline in stock, btw. You can also ask them if they would be able to special order a style not usually in stock.


If the only thing your current harness lacks is the front chest leash point, could you attach one to the harness? If you don't have the heavy-duty sewing tools to do so, any shoe repairer should be able to do that for you. You'd need to be very clear as to where the placement would be. But a DIY addition might be a less expensive option, especially as you are working out whether the two leash method works well for you and your dog. You can get D rings and carabiners at B/H, Hornbach, etc.

Thanks - The current harness does have both the front and back rings and we use the double connection lead. It is just that Sarah Fisher has said that it is important for him not to have the same one all the time. Really working on his body being in balance at the moment, which is doubly important because of his hip problems

He did have the Ruffwear front range as a puppy (we only used the back clip) but he outgrew it quickly. You cannot adjust the back length and it would sit to0 close to his armpits.

Good idea though on getting a regular one and getting someone to put on the second ring

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