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Re: Looking for dog harness with front and back leash connectors

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Nowt to do with harnesses, but:

A suggestion from Heffalump's doggy physiotherapist is that we use a t-shirt now and again as we are going about our day, either training or just hanging out. H doesn't seem to know where his back end is, or even some days that he has one.

H wears the T-shirt upside down. The tail goes through the neck opening, the back legs through the sleeves. Pull the body of the T-shirt over his back, gather into a knot to tighten.

The idea is to give him a more of a sense of where the back end is and what it's doing. It's a balance aid, similar to a TTouch wrap but covers more surface area, as it were. I've even made two T-shirts into a body suit of sorts, one worn normally, one 'upside down', connecting both Heffalump halves. I can't get a real bodysuit on Heffalump easily (haystack masquerading as a collie) so two t-shirts works better for us.

(I used to use TTouch wraps with Haifisch, but at-the-time-young Hooligan took great delight in 'unwrapping' him. Best game ever for the mutts, but we needed another approach to body work.)

Anyway - if you are looking for a variety of body sensations, a T-shirt worn around the house or at the training ground might be a simple, inexpensive option.

(Piddle first!)

Thanks I will try that (but not with my T Shirt!). He has always walked on my right and now not sure whether I imposed that on him or it was his choice. I have now got him walking on my left sometimes. He is getting better now but, at first, he really struggled. He would lean into me or other walk in front or drop behind to get back to the right hand side, tripping me up a few timees He would even slip his head through the double lead so that the lead coming from the chest was to his right.