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Re: a question on Kündigungstermin

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Hello All
I have to move out and i found a form in German to send the Kundigung. However, since it is my first time since i am here when i have to move out, i have a dilemma.

Here is the text i found in the form:
"Wir teilen Ihnen mit, dass wir unsere Wohnung zusammen mit die Garage Parkplatz-Nr. auf [Zeitpunkt des vertraglichen Kündigungstermins] kündige."
What date shall i put at "auf [Zeitpunkt des vertraglichen Kündigungstermins]"?

I am really confused and i want to ask you: shall i put the date of today or the today + 3 full months(i.e. 31st of August)?

Thank you for any advise,
You put down the date you want to handover the house to the landlord. (and make sure that date is legally a correct date)
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