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Re: a question on Kündigungstermin

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one more question: Basically we can leave the apartment earlier, like in 2 months. Shall i put a note about this in the letter i will send to the Company?
I know that i will have to pay 3 months anyways, but maybe i found someone to get in earlier(hard to believe, i know, i am dreaming :-) ).

BTW: Kundigungsfrist==3Monat(e)
If you cancel and find somebody else than unless the landlord agrees otherwise the new person will take-over your cancelled contract.

Just tell them that you'll cancel per the agreed upon date, but that you are able to cancel the contract 1 month earlier if a candidate is found who likes to accept earlier. Depending on your location and the house finding a new renter might be a matter of just a few days, or several months.

Also mind that if you would find a new renter that a landlord is allowed time to proof the candidate, which could ruin the new person taking over during the 3rd month.
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