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Re: Finding out minimum salary needed to survive/thrive for family with 4 kids in Vau

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I'm imagining you as one of the Yorkshire men from that monty python sketch...

Have you worked out what rent, food and health insurance is for 6 in Geneva, not to mention the expense in keeping children stimulated. A single person- yes you will be wealthy on that income, even in Geneva. Between 6 it's not going to go far. That's 23k CHF each - think of it like that.

We are talking children sharing bedrooms, shopping at Lidl, running an old banger. Perfectly possible and perfectly doable but it's not going to be luxurious.

We're not talking about that, you stated

"I'm just working off the fact I earn a similar amount (a bit higher but not loads), have one child and pay Aargau taxes and rent , not Geneva.

The biggest expenses: food and rent

I'm not saying it's not doable, just that it's tight."

If indeed this is the case then you certainly have absolutely no clue at all about living here; I've been here for 35 years, i earn considerably more and can live very well on less than Chf 140k/year, food, rent, health insurance, car and all the other bollocks thrown in, family of 4

A lot of people live on far less and have a very nice life style.
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