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Re: RAV Sanctions

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Just some quick answers. What ever happens you need to have 3 months evidence of looking for a job. So if they resigned then from the day of the resignation there must be evidence they looked for a job. If they waits until there is a RAV appointment, the RAV will almost certainly tell them to go away until they have 3 months of evidence.

I think you need to have worked 12 months to claim some RAV or 18 months to claim all the RAV. If they have been emplyed since 2017 then there should be no problem.

If you are EU citizen then I think your permit will get renewed even on the RAV. Non EU I have no idea.

As for leaving early. Why would you? The light is at the end of the tunnel, grin and bear it for the time being. There will be no work out there for a bit I suppose, take the month or so extra money and stick it out.
Thanks, Peaky.

A couple of comments / questions:
  • Evidence - how do you provide evidence in such extraordinary times? For example, how do you evidence phone calls with agents / researching the portals?
  • EU Citizen - this is a bit of a grey area with Brexit. I believe rights are "grandfathered" but who knows what will happen. Luckily, my renewal is up first so hopefully RAV considerations don't come into the picture.
  • Leaving early - it has become impossible for them to continue, the mental and physical well being has been severely impacted. If there was an option to leave immediately then that would be taken up. Even though in the current environment one can not take anything for granted including financial security, health (mental and physical) trumps extra two months of income.

Thanks for responding!