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Re: Delivery company for heavy gym equipment

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Hi all,
I managed to purchase a commercial grade exercise machine for my homegym. 1/3 of new value as the cross fit centre was liquidating. So really happy about that. Anyway its up to the buyer to pick it up.
The thing is 380kg as it has 2 weight stacks built in and i have to bring it down an outdoor set of stairs to my basement. It has no assembly instructions.

So i think i need to get a professional who has the equipment etc. to lift it, move it, possibly dismantle it, rebuild it etc.

Pickup is in Liestal and delivery to Zug

Any idea who can do it cost effectively?


I would email the USA manufacturer and ask them to send an instruction manual so you can see how easy it is to take off the 2 x 300lb weight stacks. Your link says total weight is 950lb which is ca 430kg so being able to remove ca 270kg will make a big difference. Also check with them what tools you need to remove the weight stack as a USA made machine will have parts designed for imperial tools

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