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I live in an apartment where I have to notice the landlord by mail, one month in advance, so if I do it by the end of this month, I have to stay the next full month also.

I've learned that if you apply for an apartment, and you get accepted, you pay a fine of approx 200 CHF if you don't agree to the contract you receive, however I've been told background checks usually take 2 weeks.

However, in my case, if I get accepted but the answer comes too late, and I have to extend my current stay by 1 month, will I still be charged the fee?
E.g. the answer comes in 3rd of May, and I have to stay May+June and actually start in July?

How can I state that I am unable to move if the answer doesn't come soon enough, and if it does come too late, I can avoid paying the fee?
You can tell them that you want an answer within a week or else you don't want the place, and they will almost certainly throw your application in the shredder.

You do not have to pay a "fine" if you do not agree with the contract. Or if you were one of the people applying and they send you a contract.

If however you've seen the contract (or were able to) and they said you can have the place and you send them the papers and they spent time to check and prepare while you know upfront that if they use their normal time you will not accept, yeah I hope they'll send you a bill.

Keyword for you is preparation, have every paper ready so they can check all a.s.a.p. without the need for further or additional info, have a letter from your previous landlord that you always paid on time and are a friendly person, have a letter from your employer that they intend to keep you for years to come. And be honest from the start about your date limitations and a lot is possible.
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