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Re: Initiative for organ donation

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Wouldn't do what? Do you mean they wouldn't donate their organs or wouldn't bother to opt out of an automatically opted-in situation?
Same question, I do not understand your post. Thanks.

Hypothetical question. 2 people waiting for a life-saving transplant. Medics can't decide as having added up all the criteria- they get exactly the same score, absolutely nothing to differentiate them to help make the decision- there is only 1 organ and both will die if they don't get it. 1 carries a donor card, and tells medics that should s/he die, S/he wants organs to serve to help others, and the next of kin and family confirms this. The other has opted out of Organ Donation and keeps telling medics and staff that on no account should his/her organs be used for others, not even skin tissue. Toss a coin, or ....?

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