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Re: Finding out minimum salary needed to survive/thrive for family with 4 kids in Vau

I do not know living costs in NZ/Australia but some 4 years ago I did a detailed cost comparison between Zurich and San Francisco area and decided Zurich is cheaper for our needs.

As I do not know what your preferences are it is difficult to say but some things I considered (didn't have kids at time but did budget for them):

- school (US more expensive, should send to a private school there)
- kindergarten (depends on age, but is a limited time deal and you won't need eventually unless you plan more kids )
- rent (again US was more expensive)
- health insurance (more expensive in Switzerland and is a major cost, easy to calculate on comparis and a couple of company websites to see what benefits you need)

I would say that rent, insurance and schooling are major costs from my perspective. You can't be without them. Many mentioned food but not a major cost for me. Maybe we don't eat much (definitely not eating meat as often as some) but we do eat almost all organic, don't eat out, usually are very picky ingredients-wise and for 2 it is less than 1000frs a month (even when adding cleaning agents and similar). Shopping from France of Germany cannot make up for the difference, travel cost and lost time. Plus in my experience of a couple of attempts food quality on the other side of the border is of inferior quality (even for same shops). But you should have already your take on food costs given you already lived in Switzerland. You may also visit and and check food prices (I did that for US).

Some extras:

- travel to visit family (how much do you spend to visit family in Switzerland, how much will you spend on visits to NZ)
- other travel (how much do you pay for holidays when you are based in Australia vs CH)
- dental costs - how often do you go to dentist?
- how much do you spend on clothes? other household goods? what luxury level do you want to be able to afford?
- do you want someone to clean the house? how often? need babysitting?
- owning a car is fairly expensive in CH imo
- public transportation? during Covid e.g.?
- the list goes on as someone mentioned, write down everything you spend money on and what you intend to spend money on and compare.

You may also want to consider what will be your pension plan in either of the countries. How much are you insured against unexpected events and how likely are they?

You should definitely be more than fine with 150k. The question is where are you more comfortable and happy in long term. Where do you want your kids to grow up? How much do you like which educational system? Do you think they would fit in here, etc. Where do you feel safe? These are very personal things that hardly anybody else can answer for you... And whatever you choose world is an unpredictable place
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