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Re: Initiative for organ donation

I am very surprised that couples, families, mostly don't talk about these things- so their partner and close relatives don't know about their wishes. My OH and my children, all know that they should volunteer any bits of me before being asked. I know the same goes for him- and for our daughters. My older brother has discussed this with us and has written his advanced directives, signed and dated with my name, and that of his favourite niece and step-daughter.

Why not make it clear to your loved ones what you wish to do. I always carry my British Donor card and the Swiss one, and a note in my passport.

Mind you, getting to the stage when not much would be good enough to be of any use- but skin for grafts, etc. Strangely enough, Brits living here who lived in UK in the 80s can't give blood, due to CJD possible contamination- but organs are OK as they are thoroughly washed of blood.

Would be really interested to do a course in Ethics- as some decisions are very very difficult. Possibly the reason why no-one replied to my ethical hypothesis. My answer is- if all other factors are equal, and nothing can distinguish between the two cases, the one who is registered as a Donor gets it. Much better than tossing a coin or drawing straws.

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Wouldn't do what? Do you mean they wouldn't donate their organs or wouldn't bother to opt out of an automatically opted-in situation?''

we will never get an answer, I imagine.
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