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Re: Finding out minimum salary needed to survive/thrive for family with 4 kids in Vau

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While you canít do a test shop online, there are many stores that will work out far cheaper than Coop. For basic every day items such as meat, fruit and veg, milk and so on we use Aldi and Lidl. Cash and carry places like Aligro and TopCC sell in bulk, which for things like meat can work out much cheaper. We still use Coop and Migros, but more for convenience and for certain products that the others donít carry.

I think you would be able to get that 400 a week down to 250 without too much effort.
I agree with this. Only 2 children here, they were 6 and 9 when we left and no allergies but we spent about 100-125 CHF weekly at LIDL. Then maybe an overall 200 CHF once a month for a buy at CoopOnline for some of the stuff we could not find.

I think 250 CHF a week is very doable.

Some more points:
-With 4 kids I would stay as central as possible and not try to save money by living in a village as this money can quickly be taken up by perhaps then needing 2 cars or the stress of a super long commute. Also living central means your kids will all have schools available without a long commute no matter the age and access to activities. As they get older they can do this alone, allowing you to work. Less possible in a village. This is clearly a personal choice but a worthy consideration.
-Basic health insurance - some companies will offer some free basic policies for children as of the 3rd child - have a look, I don't remember which one but maybe Swica or Sanitas?

Take care
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