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Re: Finding out minimum salary needed to survive/thrive for family with 4 kids in Vau

As a returnee Swiss, I totally understand why someone would ask on an expat Forum. Because once you have lived abroad for a while, you have changed, the way you see and experience things, your perception of what is 'the norm' has changed. So asking other expats gives balance. Having returned to Switzerland after 39 years- I am not the same 19 year old who left in 1970. Many of my friends here have never lived away from home- and the ones we get on really well with have also travelled and lived abroad- several of them much more extensively than we have. So we understand each other and see other points of view and other ways of dealing with things.

To the OP- the rents you quote are really for the Riviera- you only need to be prepared to go to the foot of the Jura or some of the locations I mentionned- to find much much cheaper rents and large apartments with garden. Bonne chance.
Of course, I didn't mean that OP shouldn't ask for opinions on an expat forum, especially since her husband will be an expat too and probably will see things as most of us do see them. I tried to point out that OP should be careful about how much weight our/these opinions should have when taking a decision. Sorry if I misled some people here into thinking I disapprove of addressing her questions here, it wasn't my intention. I'll stop musing on EF because it's obviously that language barriers can be pretty exhausting.

I should have made myself a bit more clear and if I failed in that post, I'll reformulate now: if OP still has family and friends here, maybe it is not such a bad idea to try to involve them more, and ask them to help her more.
I noticed a funny thing: everyone wants you (generic you) to come back home, yet I wonder how many would be willing to support you (generic you) readapt to your old country which has changed in the meantime too, like maybe you also did? People have their own stuff to take care of, wouldn't be that bad to test the waters at least to know what or whom she can count on, especially if OP will need a bit of help.

As you might know, finding a decent cheap house needs networking. Among the locals. No expat or returnee has helped me find my feet in Switzerland more than my neighbours and Swiss friends.
If she'll get attached too much to our expat world she'll miss so many things this wonderful country has to offer.
And....IMHO the Swiss do travel, even if they didn't actually live in a different country. They're pretty cosmopolitan too.

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