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Re: Finding out minimum salary needed to survive/thrive for family with 4 kids in Vau

Great post - thanks. In our case, we were not looking to move here, and not looking for a house... we wanted to find a small place to rent, so we could come and help my very elderly parents, with my very unwell mother- on a more regular basis- but without actually staying with them, which I found draining. Then the Vicar came to say goodbye and explained he was retiring and would not be replaced. And I asked 'what about the lovely Vicarage'? - the rest is history. It was helpful that dad knew all the artisans who had worked on the house for past 50 years and more (it was built in 1586 in Elizabethan times)- so we could ask about all the main things, roof structure, main renovations, heating, plumbing, electrics (part had to be redone- dated from 50s) ... etc. 2 architect ex school friends also gave their opinion, and others in the Estate business- they were all really helpful and ready to give advice for free. 1 of them lived in quebec for a long time- others in Africa and South America, the USA, India- Japan - all over. Amazing how many of us have come back to roots eventually, most in retirement, and most keeping a 'pied terre' elsewhere.
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