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Re: Told to get out or take up lower position within the same Team

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Good day folks,

I have a bit of a dilemma, and I would really appreciate some little and kind advice.

My company has politely offered to terminate my contract or that I take lower paid position with less responsibility i.e. I work in management and I would transition to a more Technical role within the team. I have been in the company for over 4 years and it will be a reduction of 20% in my salary. Excuse used, performance not where it should be etc.

I was asking the question to myself, why even give me other options but here is my thinking:

• They still need me and the timing is bad, probably 20% of my old role will be applicable in the new role, because no one can perform these tasks (Well they can, but with difficulty).

• If they really did not like me, then, they would not have given me another option, at all. They would have fired me immediately, that is a certainty.

• They still have hope in me and partly they know I have family, as well, the situation is bad out there. The company in general is mindful and considerate like this when dealing with staff members (Bit of a family business attitude) unless you have a very bad attitude/response when handling difficult situations or are completely useless.

• Maybe not ready to kick me out now, but kick me out later unless I perform in this technical role.

I have concerns if I accept the proposal on offer.

IF I take the position....


- Stay and fight, take their option, Things could work out in the end, though I will be on a lower pay grade and have less job responsibility
- Buys me time, I could ride out the Corona storm and look for new opportunities when business situation improves then this would just be a blip once I find a new job, thats with the assumption that they keep me on when in this technical role.
- I get to up my skills and knowledge, again, so long I survive.

- Business situation is unknown; they might still put me out on my ass in a few months’ time. I for sure will be on that list if things deteriorate further in this current climate, they hinted that I would be but hopefully Corona virus situation improves.
- Lower position, will be fed to the dogs and be up against it
- No guarantee things will work out, hard to tell. I need to get technical now
- Stressful (Always looking over my shoulders per say) - Of course, I am not afraid of stress.
- If they get rid of me even in the lower paid job role, then I assume RAV will take my last known salary average for 3 months I assume? Which will be 20% on top of the other 20% initial salary reduction...i.e. that is nearly/around a total of 40% of income lost. This I cannot or barely can survive on with my family - This is actually my biggest fear regarding this specific point, as it will have real impact on generally surviving with family/kids.

If I do not take the position


- I go on RAV with 20% salary reduction (Of course RAV is not a Pro) but instead of facing a possible 40% reduction (RAV would take the higher salary), I am now facing 20% reduction.
- Impact to how I go about my life is manageable with 20% reduction
- Clean break from my employers to focus on new opportunities

- Corona pandemic may make it almost impossible to find a new job
- Stressful, but a different kind of stress (Not looking over my shoulders per say)

Of course, if the company tries to put me on a 3 month probationary period in the new role then the outcome is pretty easy for me to select Option B in that case.
Thanks all for your replies.

I can’t fight this, I can only accept what’s on the table or leave it.

I am also not interested in trying to fight this and aggravate the situation, its not healthy, and doesn’t serve anyones interest. It will be their word against mine. I shouldn’t need to fight for my existence though.

One thing is for sure, I will not quit for the obvious reasons mentioned. I work as a project manager in IT, I earn 125k per year and the bonus scheme has been scrapped permanently.

Like what someone has said, even if I stay, take up the alternative job on offer, I will still have to find work elsewhere and now work in a toxic environment where I will be up against it.

I rather not go on RAV especially during these hard times, but I am not entirely sure if it will make sense to lose 15% going to the other job and possibly up to 36% if the company doesn't recover which would put me in a difficult position. I am not worried about the 15% but I am very worried about the 36%.

Its a bit like this

1) On RAV, no job and 36% income shortage
2) On RAV, no job and 15% income shortage
3) Job, 15% income shortage, toxic environment, high risk of being let go and point 1 comes into play.

Point 2 seems to be least risk for me. I will have much longer to find a job. No. 1 puts me under severe pressure.

I have 3 months leave, about 6 weeks of holiday left. I believe that if I don’t accept the alternative offer then they will put me on gardening leave ie 3 months + 6 weeks holiday next week. That will take me into October before I would go on RAV. Of course, its possible that they cash me out. The preference might be the gardening leave as it would delay my arrival to RAV and I can find work in between. PS. I am on a B-permit.
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