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Re: Boris Johnson for PM?

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He has an Autistic child, being that his mother has experience caring for disabled kids it would seem a perfectly reasonable to thing to have done & legal in the circumstances.

Interesting the reaction from a school teacher on this, no doubt she will claim she did not know the child was Autistic
What's being a teacher got to do with anything? Other than the fact that all teachers seem to live rent free in your head. Bizarre.

I know the child is rumoured to be autistic. All the more reason not to take him over 200 miles out of his comfort zone and usual routines.

They didn't actuality get any childcare help. Which is where the house of cards falls down.

What Johnson and Cummings have forgotten is that, regardless of political affiliation or belief, everyone has loved ones and most folk have sacrificed a great deal to comply with the lockdown. For them then to rescript these rules into "common sense guidelines that you will onviously have to break if you are good parent" is the outrage.

I suspect the only folk who do not feel this injustice are folk who either care about no-one at all or have been doing as they please all along regardless of the potential consequences.

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