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Re: House sold before even viewed it

The bid was good enough for the buyers to lose instant interest in all other possible buyers. You had all freedom to come up with such bid yourself.

You have to talk to the bank before going in the bidding war so you know your budget if high enough you could have said "I want a viewing in an hour and if no big problems with the construction are there I bid +20% and no financial reservations, if you had to talk to find out if this was even within your range than you highly likely would stand no chance anyway. Take my Neighbours, they want a house in a specific neighbourhood inside Zürich, and they have a big Wishlist, so offerings are very limited. They are simply saving up more and more and by the time a house they love comes unto the market they drive up there and will instantly bid way over asking price to secure the object. They know how the game works.
I agree, we had a buffer of a couple hundred thousand we could have gone above asking price but as a I said its a surprise from a sellers point of view its a fixed price system
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