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Re: House sold before even viewed it

Buying and selling is stressful and can take bizarre turns for all sorts of reasons.

The last house we bought in the UK we got at a very substantial reduction because the elderly couple who were selling like our 'attitude' and felt so good that we loved the garden and had great ideas for it. They instructed the agent that they didn't want a much higher offer from another family- as they found them uncouth and rude, and hated what they intended to do to it...Agent was furious.

When one day we come to sell this amazing place - I would hope to sell to the right family, for the same reasons- because it is such a happy and wonderful place. Money is not everything. Or perhaps they wanted a quick sale, knew the people, they offered the asking price and they shook hand on it there and then. Job done.

However, I certainly do understand your frustration and sympathise. Onwards, forwards, bonne chance.
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