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Re: House sold before even viewed it

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As I said if you were selling a house, would you want to get the most you could for it under normal circumstances?
As Tom1234 and Odile set out, in posts 29 and 52, respectively, above, that this is not always the case. There are so many other factors, including just "feeling good" about the way things are wrapped up and settled, while balancing many factors, not just the profit.

I do think, though, that it would have been kinder (but that'd have been going beyond just following the usual way things are done) had the agent, when she set up the appointment with you, taken the time to explain to you, as a newby, that, in Switzerland, a viewing appointment several days hence may well become obsolete by then. Then at least you'd have been prepared, emotionally, for the surprise of being dropped.

Now that you know that you have to put in your offer faster, here are some more suggestions to empower you to be able to do so:
  • Identify the factors in a property which are a definitey NO, for you. On your map, cross off areas or individual buildings which are out of the question.
  • Do not wait until an ad comes up. Instead, research areas in which you may be interested. Go there, do the leg work, drive up and down the roads, slowly, walk there, park for a while, listening and watching. Do this at several times during the daytime and at night. Walk to the shops in the area, walk to the schools. Learn, learn, learn. Watch where people park their cars, and how they tend their gardens. (This process will make you block out some more areas on your map, and possibly open some up that you previously hadn't considered.)
  • Look at the general state of the roads and buildings in each street in the area you're interested in. Sometimes, a whole row of buildings can suffer the same set of defects, either because there was once water damage there, or because they were built by the same contractor, or because the earth moved.
  • Use google earth extensively, looking again and again, including rooves, layout, walls, awnings, trees, fences, parking spaces, etc. For any property you're potentially learning about, view it from above, and on the street, whatever is nearby.

In this way, you'll get to know a range of potential areas, and even "favourite" desired houses, and will be more likely to know, instantly, when an ad comes up, if you're willing to view and make and offer, within hours. Besides that, ask, in any place you like, whether anyone is thinking of selling.

And in this, too, like everything else, the better you speak the local language, and the more polite and composed you show yourself to be, (and I'm not saying you were not, I'm just referring back to Odile's post) the greater your chances will be, that someone will open a door for you.
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