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Re: How early can one apply for a permit with an offer in hand?

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Welcome to the forum.

As an EU national you can be here for up to 3 months as a tourist without registering so could possibly sort out accommodation, etc, before applying. You would not get an L permit as these are for job seekers and still not available to EU nationals until the initial 3 month tourist period is over.

Alternatively, you may be able to come early with your contract in hand and enough funds to tide you over until you start work and apply for your permit when you arrive. Sufficient funds will be on the basis of CHF100 per day per person.

There's also this should the UK leave without an agreement.


The problem with information on Brexit is that most of it predicated on what was agreed pre-transition (the majority of these articles are from early 2019). The concern was what would happen if we just crashed out with no plan. However, since we did agree a deal, as far as I can tell it's business as usual until the end of the year. The "mind the gap" proposal - which would have introduced quotas etc - never actually got implemented I think? But after that nobody seems to have a clue as the final legal position hasn't been fixed yet - all the Swiss government says is "we may work something out, but assume non-EU" (as qwertz points out). I imagine it's possible that they'll go for a middle ground solution as before, with British-specific permits; one suggestion was relaxing all the rules about advertising jobs to Switzerland/EU citizens, language/integration, etc.

The wording from the PDF I linked seems to suggest that one can apply for an L (and B) permit if you have the money regardless of whether you're coming for gainful employment or not. While I wouldn't be able to apply on the basis of job seeking, I believe I could apply on the basis of supporting myself? But this is perhaps something to ask the migration office directly.

The question there is, if I was granted a 3 month permit in December (say), would they be happy to just convert it in January, or would it cause problems that my effective citizenship changed in between. The Brexit FAQ seems to say it would be fine, but again something to ask the migration office.

Funding wouldn't be an issue for 3-4 months at the SKOS guideline rate, but obviously I don't really want to hemorrhage money if possible!

I can see your start date is not on or before 31 Dec 2020. As a non-EU this makes obtaining a permit much more complex that I donít think anybody has visibility on at the moment. I would try and negotiate an earlier start date with your prospective employer.

Yeah unfortunately this is fixed and they've already pushed it back due to COVID. There may be some routes around this, but we'll see. For now I'm assuming it's fixed, and that worst case they'll do the paperwork.
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