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Re: Rules on posting links please

Well the posting guidelines clearly suggest not to include links with no context, but it's not always so rigidly applies as it might be. It's still good netiquette, regardless of specific rules, or lack of.

As for the other member mentioned, he very often has posts/threads deleted for this reason, but some, where the title is clear enough, are left in place, and of course there may be many that we don't actually spot.

For future reference, I'd ask that anyone posting links like this should indeed give a clue as ti what it is they're posting, please.

Agreed- however, there is a huge difference with a link posted without context, or as part of a conversation where the link was discussed and is added as part of the conversation, in the context of said converstation, as a natural follow-up. Surely?

Rufus, exactly, the context was very clear. Would you mind reposting with a comment please. Thanks.
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