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Re: The racial time bomb-USA

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Its questionable whether he was trying to kill him?
By-standers and the now deceased himself told him several times that the guy could not breathe, still he refused to put less pressure on his prolonged and illegal hold. If you or I would do such it be manslaughter at minimum, and we for sure would not spend the evening at our own home guarded by a platoon of heavily armed police

It does not justify the looting and plundering (which like with most riots is caused by a relatively small group from outside and a bunch of people seizing the opportunity since the windows are out already anyway), but in my eyes it does justify burning down the police station and a truckload of anger and protest and I can see a community going berserk after yet another outrageous misbehaviour. It's not a rare incident and the people are entitled to their anger.

Is it a ticking time-bomb, nah. A bomb is a one-time event. And police-force still has problems but both police and crime are less brutal than like 30 to 40 years ago. But America should mind that if economy goes down the drain completely that the old situation where youth sees no other hope to be able to buy an XboX or A car than to go into crime is quickly restored.
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