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Re: The racial time bomb-USA

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Sure. Because it takes a goddamn genius to figure out that if you kneel on someone's neck for 7 minutes and that someone tells you MULTIPLE TIMES that he can't breathe, as do bystanders, that you are probably going to kill him. WTF. Who cares about intent? If not murder it's obviously at the very least manslaughter.

The guy tried to pay with a fake 20$ bill and was therefore arrested AND KILLED. And the person who killed him wasn't even arrested. How is this acceptable for even a second? I'm certainly not one to throw "racism" at every little thing, and in some ways and in theory, it wouldn't even matter a massive amount whether one was black and one was white. This type of double standard is not okay, it's simply never okay. In reality, the skin color matters greatly of course, as if it had been the other way around, the dude would essentially be on his way to life imprisonment by now.

I'm with Edwin (now look at that! ) on this one, totally understand the reaction and it was bound to happen.

Also, while racial tensions (to put it mildly) are obviously nothing new, as per usual, Trump's reaction on Twitter is to throw in some anti-democrat propaganda. When the hell is the US going to wake up to this, I'm beyond belief by now, even if I really shouldn't be surprised by anything anymore. Fully agree with slammer on this one, with the looming massive crisis, increasing tensions, and this utterly pathetic, despicable excuse for a president (who of course will be re-elected), the US is unlikely to survive, certainly not the way it once was.
Paying with a fake bill is not a capital offense. And I doubt it is a criminal offense either if he unknowingly received it himself.
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