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Re: Choosing an AED?

I don't know if such an AED exists , that will fit all of your expectations .

If you do CPR , you should do 100-120 compressions per minute at around 2 inches deep.

How should the AED measure the compressions and the depth of it ?
The connection to the body is to transmit an electric impuls to restart the heart .
There is no other connection to the body.
The AED controls the frequency of the heart beat, thats all.

The AED makes a sound like clock, that you need to follow with your compressions.
The AED gives you simple instructions to give even a random person the ability to do CPR, thats what they are made for.

Nobody will make you responsible , if you can't do the job like an Doctor from the ER .

You do your best, call the professionals and do the CPR as long as you can.
It is pretty tough to do 10 mins the 100-120 compressions.
But is the fast response, that will save the live.
When you got a second person for the CPR , you can swap with the other person after 3 mins.

If you do want to do more, you need one of these:

Have you vistited a CPR Training ?

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