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Re: Choosing an AED?

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I don't know if such an AED exists , that will fit all of your expectations .

If you do CPR , you should do 100-120 compressions per minute at around 2 inches deep.

How should the AED measure the compressions and the depth of it ?
The connection to the body is to transmit an electric impuls to restart the heart .
There is no other connection to the body.
The AED controls the frequency of the heart beat, thats all.

The AED makes a sound like clock, that you need to follow with your compressions.
The AED gives you simple instructions to give even a random person the ability to do CPR, thats what they are made for.

Nobody will make you responsible , if you can't do the job like an Doctor from the ER .

You do your best, call the professionals and do the CPR as long as you can.
It is pretty tough to do 10 mins the 100-120 compressions.
But is the fast response, that will save the live.
When you got a second person for the CPR , you can swap with the other person after 3 mins.

If you do want to do more, you need one of these:

Have you vistited a CPR Training ?

Already have an oxymeter, and am a EFR instructor (Emergency First Response - which includes CPR and AED use )

As part of this, I do an annual refresher - and even then, I'm not sure if under stress I would do it properly. The CPR quality guidance is actually something that a lot of modern AEDs do, some even have WiFi or a SIM card, and will relay the ECG to emergency services while they arrive, so know what to expect.

That said, it seems like quite "closed" market, most companies that sell AEDs will sell 1-2 brands and that it. Very little in terms of comparions seem to be done online. Some advertise the "strength" (in joules), others don't. Some advertise the minimum time to ready, others don't...

I'm now leaning towards a Lifeplus CR2 or a Zoll AED plus. The Zoll has the advantage of being ubiquitous in Switzerland, while the Lifeplus has a lot more features...
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