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Re: Eating Food Well Past Sell By Date

Never have any qualms about tinned or bottled goods past their sell-by / best before dates, sometimes by years. As long as the seal is still good, the food won[t have gone off. Some products may have lost their flavour or texture, like a jar of bamboo shoots I opened recently - they weren't bad, but didn't have the crunch and zing that they should, and most of the jar was thrown away. which is very much a rarity in our house.

Dairy produce dates are very much advisory - on cheese of course it's pretty much meaningless, cream or milk will tell you when it goes off, and yes, sometimes lasts a week or two beyond its date, although unsalted butter unless very well sealed does go rancid after a while and isn't always obvious from smell alone (which is why people started to salt it in the first place).

Some dried goods and flour do sometimes develop moths or weevils after some years, although I've never quite worked out how they know to attack only the older stocks, so airtight containers should be used to increase their life, and a visual check on anything that's been in the cupboard for a while, but again, it's something that should not need a date to trigger a check. It's not as if I'm going to _not_ check if that bag of flour is still OK just because it's only been in the cupboard for a year and is still within its date.
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