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Re: Free Regression Therapy in Zurich

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I'm Certified Therapist and recognized by IMDHA. But, I'm currently doing advanced studies in Hypnotherapy and Regression Therapy. Hence, I'm looking for more clients required to complete my advanced studies.

Title says you are offering for free so I have the following questions
  • Have you been handling clients in Switzerland since 2016 as authorised by the Swiss authorities?
  • Do the Swiss recognise the IMDHA body and it certification
  • Do you have public liability insurance in Switzerland allowing you to treat people
  • If, yes, is this treatment that you are offering for free to complete your advance studies covered under your public liability and are you legally and professionally allowed to offer it
  • If, no, are you supervised by someone who has appropriate insurance and recognised Swiss credentials
  • If again the answer is no, I don't believe that you should be offering it on this forum as hypnotherapy and regression therapy has the potential to do significant emotional harm
EDIT - according to their website, the IMDHA (International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association) is a referral service and not a qualification in its own right. Perhaps OP can explain her actually qualifications and the amount of study required to get said qualification
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