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Re: Bye bye Billag [Welcome our new overlord Serafe]

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Just for the records, I know first hand a person (being legally registered in Switzerland) that didn't paid Billag for three years in a row, before it changed to Serafe. And nothing happened. I mean: absolutely nothing. She didn't call Billag at any time say she didn't have a TV (opt out), she simply ignored every bill she received. Because of this case, I was wondering if this kind of "loophole" existed with Serafe as well, but apparently no one knows (or no one tells ).
maybe there was a misunderstanding or she didn't tell you the whole story.

If she didn't register with Billag she would not have received any bills, so there wouldn't have been any bills not to pay.

Billag had an interesting system they used to try to make you sign up, including letters with intentionally unclear wording and house visits by people who told you a big load of legal BS. And there were quite clear rules that could make you excempt if you ticked ceratin boxes. The Billag agents tried to obfusiate these rules, maybe because they were paid on commission, in other words, the more people they signed up the more money they got. If you ever asked if they didn't mind you recording the conversation and if they could repeat what they just said, they invariably would not repeat it and instead find some excuse to leave. Been there and done it myself.

But technically, if you never replied to any letters and never let these guys sign you up to anything (or never answered the door to them), you would never have received a bill. There would not have been a bill not to pay. And thus no money to be owed. This is what I think is suspicious about your story.

Serafe in contrast sends bills and it is up to you to take the necessary steps to opt out. If you don't take those steps, you are on the hook for paying. Your only hope for getting away without paying is that they are too incompetent to follow up. That's nothing I would count on to be honest IMHO.

Billag was an amateurish sleazy setup. Serafe is serious and has the law on their side.
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