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Re: Bye bye Billag [Welcome our new overlord Serafe]

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Thanks for explanations, it is in line with what I think...

To further explain the case: she and I were living in furnished apartments (TV and Internet provided by the landlord). We registered in the City Hall, and time after we received the first Billag letters (I can't tell if they had invoices in them, but they said "you have to pay this"). We gave the letters to the landlord: as they were furnished serviced apartments, we thought it was not for us to pay that. I am pretty sure the landlord didn't pay anything.

After moving to another place, and after seeing that experience, she didn't pay the rest of the Billag letters she received - same as with Serafe, they got the address from the registry, but didn't do anyting: she didn't register, or unregistered, or all, or anything. Nothing. And I know because I was following her case closely .

As you said, seems Serafe is more "pro" than Billag, and will probably enforce the payment till the end - but so far, there is no proof of that.

Old good times...
I suspect Billag did not actually send her invoices but sent her forms asking her to sign up, acompanied by a letter threatening all sorts of legal trouble if she didn't sign up. They were probably the same letters that I got. The letters I got also said that even if I don't have a TV or radio or any of the other stuff on the list, I still need to sign up with them so that they know what I don't have.

A lawyer friend of mine said that this last point is legally absolute BS. His explantion was compliacted and I'm no lawyer so maybe I'm not explaining it right but from what I understood, the moment I sign anything I am entering into a contract, and a contract with zero content is of no inherent value to me and confers me no protection, but I am exposing myself to potential kanagaroo liabilities on their side. He said as long as I really didn't have any of the stuff on their list, it was legally perfectly acceptable and actually preferable to not reply.

Billag themselves claimed they sccesfully pursued something like 4000 cases a year. I guess this was intended to sound theatening, so you wouldn't even dream of trying. My friend said BS, those cases were probably all unpaid invoices. Anything else and they didn't have a case to stand on.

Another reason to not let them get as far as even sending a first invoice.

I think more and more people came around to understanding this, which is why the legal situation had to be re-written and Serafe came into being.
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